03 May 2011

Human rights group reacts to bin Laden's death (then I weigh in)

With the news that U.S. forces had killed Osama bin Laden over the weekend, the group Human Rights First issued the following statement:
"Osama bin Laden, like many criminals before him, used terror - including the killing of innocent civilians - to get the United States to abandon its principles. Some claimed that our nation's openness and respect for individual liberties made the United States vulnerable to terrorism. With bin Laden's demise, the United States should ensure that his goal is definitively rejected. The strength of our country lies in its belief in the inherent dignity of all people and respect for universal human rights. We are strongest when we live up to these beliefs."
My two cents: Indeed. However, here we are with a president today who refuses to hold accountable those who so quickly abandoned this nation's principles in the wake of 9/11. Obama says he wants to look forward, not backwards. But unless we look back at the mistakes made - and hold the perpetrators accountable - our principles will remain shattered.

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