09 June 2011

Why do we care about Anthony Weiner's sex life?

The American media just can't get enough of the latest Washington sex scandal - Weinergate, i.e., the revelation that U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) sent some racy photos to young women via Twitter (and otherwise flirted with them over the course of some years).

I am disappointed in Rep. Weiner for lying about it to the press for a week before finally coming clean, but I disagree with all the calls for his resignation.

His sex life should be a matter between him and his wife. While his flirtations have been going in recent years, he has nevertheless represented his constituents well on the House floor. His sexual behavior has not affected his ability to do his job. So what is the problem?

Some call it an integrity issue, since it took Weiner so long to finally own up to his actions. But what normal person hasn't ever lied about sex?

In Europe, where politicians' affairs are met with disinterested yawns, America surely must surely look like a snickering, emotionally immature, sex-obsessed adolescent.

Kind of like Anthony Weiner.

And kind of like so many Americans who grew up in this puritanical culture.

So should we all be fired?

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