14 July 2011

A missed teabag opportunity

At lunchtime yesterday, while enjoying a salad at a local cafe, I noticed a 50-something man and his wife sitting nearby. The man was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Barack Obama and the words "RACIST JERK" (in capital letters).

I was tempted to approach him and strike up a conversation. I thought it might be fun to act like a naive but inquisitive conservative seeking his higher knowledge.

In my mind, I imagined sweetly delivering the following opener: "Hey, I like your t-shirt. I heard Glenn Beck say Obama's a racist, too, and he knows about these things. But I keep wondering: How could he be a racist when his mother was white?"

I really, really wanted to do it. Because I really, really wanted to see how he would respond. And how his wife would react.

But, by the time I worked up the nerve, they had finished their lunch and left the building.

I need to be bolder faster.

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