22 January 2012

Will Roe survive?

Today, January 22, 2012, is the 39th anniversary of the landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Roe v. Wade - a decision which confirmed that women have the right to control our own reproductive lives.

And the right wing has been fighting it ever since. They want to be the ones to control our bodies, even as they condemn the concept of big government and its perceived interference in their own lives. Obviously they fear us, and fear can make people crazy.

This year, some of them want to go so far as to run graphic anti-choice ads during the Super Bowl.

And it's working.

According to the National Organization for Women, states last year passed a record number of anti-choice laws, and that's likely just a small preview of what they'll be rolling out this year.

As frustrated as many of us are with the Democrats in Congress, this issue illustrates why we must fight harder than ever this year to ensure that the Republicans don't win the Senate or the White House in November.

They really could - and would - roll back so much of the progress we've made over the past hundred years.

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