05 April 2014

More on the "pro-abortion" myth

There's an email in my inbox from an anti-choice group. The subject line: "We Need Your Help Against Pro-Abortion Groups"

What they obviously don't understand is that virtually nobody is pro-abortion, and there are no "pro-abortion groups". But many of us - individuals and groups - are pro-choice.

Because a woman's medical decisions are none of my business. That makes me pro-privacy, not pro-abortion.

And because I don't want to see desperate women having to resort to the coat hangers and the back-alley butchers of the pre-Roe days. That makes me pro-health and pro-safety, not pro-abortion.

But such nuances lack the dramatic impact of that subject line in my inbox. And, sadly, such emotional appeals tend to work on some types of people who are quick to label and judge rather than think and consider.

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