01 September 2010

GOP is winning the war on the middle class

On August 30, USA Today reported that anti-poverty programs, such as Medicaid and food stamps, are now serving a record one in six Americans. And the need continues to expand.

For a nation that is often called the richest in the world, that's pretty pathetic.

Sadly, I think the Republicans like it this way. Why else would they insist on blocking any legislation that could help alleviate this suffering, such as the small business bill, which would provide hiring incentives?

It implies that they like watching innocent men, women, and children suffer. It implies that they want to turn this into a nation of a few rich Scrooges and a whole lot of poor little Cratchits.

I wonder how they can sleep at night.

And I wonder what we can do about it, since so many middle-class Americans are hypnotized by the right-wing media into voting against their own best interests.

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