11 February 2011

Philly butcher does not represent all abortion docs

Here in Philadelphia, abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell is facing trial for running a butchery disguised as an abortion clinic. He is charged with the murder of seven viable newborn babies and an adult female patient.

The Associated Press described some of the horrors:
Prosecutors say Gosnell ran a filthy West Philadelphia abortion clinic where undertrained staff routinely took part in illegal late-term abortions. A grand jury report says Gosnell killed viable, live-born babies by stabbing them in the neck with scissors.
Some on the right are trying to use this case as a new talking point: "See? Abortionists have no morals!"

But that is like saying that we shouldn't visit any dentist because of the one in Georgia who killed his wife and another woman in two separate incidents more than a decade apart.

Evil is not specific to any given profession. Just as most dentists won't harm you beyond a root canal, most abortion doctors are there to provide a safe and legal medical procedure for women who need it. They are there to provide a safe and legal alternative to the pre-Roe back alley butchers.

Gosnell - if the allegations are true - was one such butcher who still exists in this day and age. We must not let the right-wing smear machine wrongly color a whole profession for the work of one disgusting criminal.

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