18 February 2011

South Dakota shelves kill-the-doctors bill

Good news out of South Dakota, for a change:

The proposed bill I wrote about on Wednesday, which would expand the definition of "justifiable homicide" to include killings that are intended to prevent harm to a fetus, has been shelved for now.

Many had feared that the bill could, in effect, legalize the killing of abortion doctors.

In response to the decision to take the controversial bill off the table, Michael Keegan, President of People for the American Way, issued the following statement:

"Republican legislators in states across the country and the GOP majority in the U.S. House are trying to use their positions to wage a war on women. These lawmakers are trying get away with extreme and unjustifiable anti-choice bills that place huge burdens on women seeking reproductive health care while making it more and more difficult for doctors to provide care. The successful backlash against South Dakota's abortion doctor murder bill sends a clear signal: they can't get away with it."

I hope he's right, and that this sets the stage for the defeat of other anti-choice measures that are springing up all across the nation. But we must remain vigilant, as those on the right seem determined to do all they can to undermine Roe v. Wade.

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