05 August 2011

The trickle-down theory is a naked emperor

The GOP continues to insist that the only real way to create jobs is to keep giving tax breaks to billionaires and corporations. They keep telling us that it will "trickle down" - that the rich guys will use that money to create jobs for us working stiffs.

But wait a minute: The billionaires and corporations have had their tax breaks for several years now - on and off since Reagan, and stuck in the "on" position for the past decade. And what did it lead to? It eventually led to an unemployment rate near 10%. The rich guys aren't investing in jobs for us working stiffs. They're investing in growing their own personal wealth (while exploiting the workers who succumb to low wages and long hours because they need that paycheck).

The fact is (or should be) clear: It doesn't trickle down, people. Otherwise, we'd all have jobs!

Hopefully the voting public will soon open their eyes and see that this particular emperor has no clothes.

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