08 February 2013

Right-wing group suggests that discrimination is "wholesome"

Earlier this week, the Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America met and discussed the possibility of ending the organization's ban on gay Scouts and leaders. But, instead of making a decision, they postponed the issue until the organization's national meeting in May.

In response, the right-wing group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) issued a statement saying (among other misguided things):

"If the Scouts are to retain the trust of parents nationwide, they must unequivocally reaffirm the current, common-sense policy against homosexuality - which has no place in a wholesome boys organization that professes to teach boys to be 'morally straight' and revere God."
That sentence is offensive on so many levels.

First of all, being "morally straight" is not the same thing as being straight in terms of sexual orientation. I know many gay men and lesbians who are much more moral - and live much more wholesome lives - than the bigots who would judge them.

And so their assertion is not as "common-sense" as they claim.

To truly "retain the trust of parents nationwide," the Scouts should welcome all kinds of parents and families - including LGBT parents whose sons might benefit from the non-bigoted aspects of Scouting. I think it wouldn't take long for the average LGBT Scout or leader to prove himself trustworthy - if only people could be open-minded and give them an honest chance.

They say they want it to be a "wholesome" organization. But discrimination and bigotry are in no way wholesome.

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