13 June 2013

Texas approaches 500th execution

Last night, the state of Texas executed Elroy Chester III for multiple murders.

This was Texas's 499th execution since the 1976 Supreme Court ruling that reinstated the death penalty as an option in this country.

So that state now approaches the grim milestone of execution #500. According to the current execution schedule, Kimberly McCarthy is next on the list, with her lethal injection scheduled for June 26.

500 executions in 37 years. That's more than four times the number of executions performed to date by Virginia, which is in second place with a "mere" 110.

And, although Texas Governor Rick Perry likes to brag about his execution record, it really is nothing to be proud of.

It simply makes no sense to kill someone in order to demonstrate that killing is wrong.

It's revenge, not true justice.

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