20 June 2013

Warlords, friends, and misunderstandings

Story of my life:

"It's not that complicated, I'm just misunderstood."
-- Pink

Other sensitive/compassionate/passionate types out there can probably also relate to those lyrics.

Where our loved ones are concerned, our bark can be bigger than our bite. And that can lead to misunderstandings and related tears. Because we care.

But hopefully the opposite is true when it comes to our confrontations with human rights abusers and other bad guys (warlords, dictators, Dick Cheney, etc.). I want them to be very, very afraid.

Sadly, however, often the reverse is true in both types of cases. Our loved ones misunderstand, dismiss, and sometimes ridicule our sensitivity and passion - while the powerful bad guys shoo us away and continue to make the world a more painful place.

And that is why I still have so much work left to do - on both a personal level and a universal one.

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