26 January 2014

Help stop human trafficking

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

According to the organization Free the Slaves, 21-30 million people are enslaved in the world today. They're used as child soldiers, sweatshop workers, sex slaves, and more. They are given no rights, no dignity, and no compensation for their labors or their pain and suffering. They are powerless, even here in 2014.

According to an article by J.J. Gould in The Atlantic, "[t]here are now twice as many people enslaved in the world as there were in the 350 years of the transatlantic slave trade."

And this isn't just happening in third-world countries. According to Covenant House, which helps homeless kids in North America, human trafficking is "a $9.8 billion industry that forces over 100,000 American children into prostitution each year."

What you can do:

Urge your members of Congress to cosponsor the bipartisan House and Senate versions of the Strengthening the Child Welfare Response to Trafficking Act.

Explore these online resources from UNICEF's End Trafficking Project.

• Donate to Free the Slaves, Covenant House, and/or UNICEF's child protection programs.

Thank you.

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