16 January 2014

Vatican faces UN committee on child sexual abuse (and disappoints)

This morning in Geneva, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child formally questioned Vatican officials on its record of child sexual abuse.

The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), which represents the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) in the case, was less than satisfied with the Vatican's performance today, pointing out that "the committee had requested concrete data and facts, which the Vatican refused to provide."

Pam Spees, CCR's Senior Staff Attorney, had this to say about the proceedings:

"The Vatican has consistently refused to accept responsibility for its role in perpetuating rape and sexual violence against children in the Church and further enabling it by protecting offending priests. So its performance at the United Nations this morning was not surprising. The Vatican attempted to relegate the issue to the past and claim it is a new era, that they now 'get it', but they continue to refuse to turn over records for prosecution, punish higher-ups that covered up the crimes, or provide any real evidence that they are now putting the safety of children above the reputation of the Church. Nonetheless, today's hearing is a milestone in calling for an end to these days of impunity. The international community is demanding answers, and that is the first step toward true accountability and, we hope, an end to the widespread violence against children.”
Fingers crossed for continuing progress on this heartbreaking - and infuriating - issue.

>> Read more about the case.

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