30 January 2006

NOW statement on today's vote to end the Alito debate

Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women (NOW) just released this statement about today's cloture vote on the Alito nomination:
We commend the 25 honorable senators, led by John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, who voted on principle today -- choosing a valiant stand for justice over weak-kneed capitulation to George Bush's stacking of the Supreme Court.

Today's vote is the only Alito vote that really counts. Votes against Alito tomorrow are irrelevant, and no senator who voted "Yes" today can hide behind a "No" vote tomorrow.

Supporters of women's rights, civil rights and the separation of powers lost this pivotal battle because senators who should have been fighting for their constituents chose not to do so. But in the process we exposed the despicable agenda of the right wing, and their unrelenting determination to undermine our rights and liberties.

This is the first of many fights for the soul of our democracy, and we will eventually emerge victorious.

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