16 January 2006

Specter: Bush could face impeachment

Republican Senator Arlen Spector is on the warpath against Bush's program of spying on us without court warrants, and he says that he'll do something about it.

While I suspect that impeachment is unlikely, I hope that Spector will get the support he needs to somehow bring Bush's spy program back within the limits of the law.

From Capitol Hill Blue:
The powerful Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee admitted Sunday President Bush could face impeachment over his authorization for spying on Americans by the National Security Agency.

"The remedy could be a variety of things, including impeachment or criminal prosecution, but the principal remedy … under our society is to pay a political price," Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter told ABC's "This Week."

"But," Specter added. "I don't see any talk about impeachment here."

Even so, Specter said he and his fellow Republicans on the Judiciary Committee are "not going to give him a blank check, and just because we're of the same party doesn't mean we're not going to look at this very closely."

Specter joins a growing chorus of Republicans and Democrats who are questioning the legal justification for spying on Americans by the super-secret NSA.

Specter, who will hold hearings next month on the decision to allow the NSA program without court approval, said he has told Bush administration officials he believes they are on shaky legal ground.
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