03 January 2006

White House to withdraw funding for rebuilding Iraq

We attacked a country that posed no immediate threat to us. We bombed it to bits and destroyed the infrastructure.

We killed tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women, and children. We said that we were "liberating" them.

Now, almost three years later, the infrastructure is still in shambles, many people don't have potable water or reliable electricity, and innocent civilians keep dying.

And we're not going to fix it.

God bless America.

From The Independent (UK):
The US government is not planning to continue funding reconstruction projects in Iraq, in what appears to be a major climbdown from the White House's one-time pledge to build the best infrastructure in the region.

According to officials cited in yesterday's Washington Post, the Bush administration will not be adding construction funds to the $18.4bn (£10.7bn) it has allocated since the 2003 invasion.

In future it will be up to other foreign donors and the Iraqi government to do what it can to complete even basic tasks such as supplying reliable electricity and water to the country's 26 million people.
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