03 November 2006

The truth comes out: Female U.S. soldier in Iraq commits suicide after objecting to torture

Army Specialist Alyssa Peterson is another kind of martyr in Bush's illegal, misguided, deception-based war in Iraq.

She was trained in interrogation techniques, and she spoke Arabic. And so she was shipped off to Iraq.

But the young intelligence expert quickly recognized that the interrogation practices going on in Iraq weren't right. She refused to participate. So they reassigned her to the base gate, where she monitored Iraqi guards. But the moral dilemma was still too much for her. And she shot herself.

That was three years ago. And we've just now learned the truth surrounding the circumstances of her death. [Read story.]

What a shame that we lose this kind of person -- someone with a conscience, someone willing to take a stand against torture.

And we are left with those who go out of their way to justify the atrocious crimes against humanity that the wise and compassionate Specialist Peterson could no longer bear.

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