08 December 2009

10 companies to avoid this holiday season

Air America has dug through The Blue Pages: A Directory of Companies Rated By Their Politics And Practices and made a list of the top ten companies you might want to avoid this holiday season.

Here is a summary:

1. The Children's Place: "This is one of the few companies in the book with no redeeming qualities listed. It gets its products from places with human rights and labor violations..."

2. Hanes: "[W]ell-documented human and labor rights abuses..."

3. JC Penney: "[S]weatshop practices and racial discrimination..."

4. The Limited Brands: (Includes Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, and other brands.) "[S]ourced from countries with widespread, well-documented human and labor rights abuses..."

5. IBM: "It's been sued for improperly converting employees['] pension plans and for exposing them to toxic chemicals. Also, it's one of those companies being sued for aiding and abetting South Africa's apartheid regime."

6. Albertson's: "Intimidates workers into refusing unions and, always a classic, allows its pharmacists to refuse to fill morning after pill prescriptions."

7. Chiquita: "They've threatened unionized workers and have been accused of using pesticides which the U.S. has banned..."

8. L'Oreal: "[T]hey've been accused of using chemicals banned in some countries and tried to hide that fact..."

9. Target: "D+ on Green America's score card and an F on the 2006 NAACP Economic Reciprocity Report Initiative report, besides which it had to settle a racial discrimination lawsuit..."

10. Walmart: "It's so obvious..."

>> Read all the dirty details.

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