31 December 2009

The mounting costs of Afghanistan -- and for what?

Yesterday was not a good day for Westerners in Afghanistan.

First, a suicide bomber killed eight CIA officers at a base near the border with Pakistan. The Taliban claimed responsibility.

Meanwhile, four Canadian soldiers and a Canadian female journalist were killed in an explosion in Kandahar.

This is what we get for continuing our occupation of Afghanistan. It's the fate of any and all of the nations that have tried to occupy Afghanistan over the centuries. It just doesn't work.

So can someone tell me why we're still there, and why Obama is going to send even more of our young people into Afghanistan with targets on their backs, even though al-Qaeda no longer has any significant presence in that country?

Oh, yeah -- we need to prop up the corrupt Karzai government. That's apparently a wiser use of our tax dollars than spending them here at home on job creation, education, or health care.

God bless America.

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