09 December 2009

Sarah Palin's Hawaiian adventure

I've got to hand it to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. She's a gift that keeps on giving.

Even though she no longer holds a public office, Palin still keeps providing us all -- bloggers, pundits, comedians, talk show hosts, and interested laypersons -- with a steady stream of material.

And her latest is a doozie.

As you may know, Palin attended five different colleges before receiving her Bachelor's Degree. (It only took me two colleges in around the same era. Meow.)

And her father may have shone some light on why she moved around a lot in the academic world:

Palin's father, Chuck Heath, had told reporters who biographed his daughter that Sarah had left her first college, Hawaii Pacific University, because, as the Huffington Post explains it, "the presence of so many Asians and Pacific Islanders made her uncomfortable."

OK, so xenophobia is not uncommon in America, especially in those parts outside the immediate east and west coasts of the continental nation. And Alaska might arguably be a bit farther removed from the cultural centers of our nation than even, say, Kansas.

But it boils down to this: If you can't handle the ethnic diversity of Hawaii, you certainly can't handle the ethnic diversity of the rest of the United States of America. (Just have her spend a day in Manhattan, including cab rides to all the major neighborhoods of that fair city.)

And if you cannot handle the ethnic diversity of this nation, then you shouldn't seek national office.

And even if you do, our growing minority population will surely vote you down. Hopefully.

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