11 March 2010

The Dems must create jobs -- or else

Obama has been president for more than a year now. Still, the official unemployment rate continues to hover at around 10%, with the real rate significantly higher.

Obama's stimulus plan doesn't seem to have stimulated the job market much. And, while legislation aimed at creating new jobs is working its way through Congress, many are saying that it's not nearly enough.

The bottom line is this: If they don't find a way to create jobs before November, I think the 2010 elections could be worse for the Democrats than they otherwise would be.

Americans voted for change in 2008. But we've seen little change, if any, in our everyday lives.

I won't vote for Republicans because I know that they would make things even worse. But I don't think the average middle-of-the-road voter in Middle America sees things the same way.

And, sadly, I must admit that the Dems in Congress will likely get what they deserve.

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