03 March 2010

Seattle blogger launches gay engagement initiative

A same-sex couple in the state of Washington recently placed their engagement announcement in their local newspaper, The Kitsap Sun. The announcement is worded similarly to a traditional engagement announcement, but with a couple of twists:
Karl Urseth and Michael Maria, both of Bremerton, WA, formally announce their 23-year engagement to marry.

Mr. Urseth is the son of the late Loren Urseth and Eloda Henry of Portland, Ore.

Mr. Maria is the son of Donald and Joyce Maria of Mount Shasta, CA, and Charles and Babe Huber of Elk Grove, CA.

The couple plans to marry as soon as marriage equality is extended to all citizens of the state of Washington.

According to an article at Advocate.com, the couple placed the announcement in response to a commentator at the website of the Seattle newspaper The Stranger, who encouraged readers to do so.

What a great idea!

I would like to see similar announcements in newspapers in every state where same-sex marriage is not yet legal.

And I wonder how many newspapers might refuse to print this sort of thing.

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  1. Mr. Urseth would be my 2nd cousin. His father was my grandfather's brother. I am also an Out G/L/B/T person. J. Allen Reno, NV aka "Chuck"