25 February 2012

Amnesty USA director on Book TV this weekend

This weekend, Suzanne Nossel, the new executive director of Amnesty International USA, will appear on C-SPAN2's Book TV along with Richard Thompson Ford, author of the book Universal Rights Down to Earth.

Here is Book TV's write-up on the show:
"Mr. Ford attempts to explain what is both gained and lost when describing a controversy as a matter of universal rights. When trying to change the lives of millions by enforcing what western nations believe are universal human rights, are there unforeseen issues that should be accounted for? He debates this question with the executive director of Amnesty International USA, Suzanne Nossel."
Show dates and times:

• Saturday, Feb. 25, at 10:00 pm
• Sunday, Feb. 26, at 9:00 pm
• Monday, Feb. 27, at 12:00 am

I expect it will be an interesting discussion.

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