29 February 2012

The "Christian" right's contraceptive fear mongering

If you've been paying any attention to current events lately, you know that the right wing is engaged in a major crusade not only against abortion but also against contraception. Yes, they want to take away our birth control pills.

And the spin is astounding.

For example: In a recent email to supporters, Tom Minnery, Senior VP of the ultra-conservative group Focus on the Family, warned of the following:
"[O]ur federal government is mandating that all women receive free contraceptives, sterilizations and drugs that could cause the early abortion of preborn babies."
He is making it sound as though all women will be forced to receive (and, by extension, use) contraceptives or be sterilized or take abortion drugs.

Relax, people! As I pointed out on Facebook and Twitter recently, nobody would be forced to use birth control, just like nobody would be forced to marry someone of the same sex.

Birth control is a choice. And we want you to have that choice available to you if you want or need it, just as we want to be able to choose for ourselves how we use our bodies.

That's why we call ourselves "pro-choice".

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