21 February 2012

Fighting for equality shouldn't be necessary

California's Proposition 8 - the 2008 ballot initiative which outlawed same-sex marriage in that state - remains tied up in the courts. And the fight for equality drags on.

And it occurs to me that we shouldn't have to fight for equality for any minority group in America. This is because our nation was founded on the priciple that that "all men are created equal" - not just the heterosexual ones.

What we're facing is a matter of having that endowed equality recognized and accepted in practice - minority group by minority group. 100 years ago, American women fought for the right to vote. African-Americans had their civil rights struggle 50 years ago. Now it's the LGBT community's turn.

As long as certain groups are held down as second-class citizens, some are indeed not equal.

And that is downright un-American.

And so, sadly, we must fight, battle by battle...

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