10 January 2013

DC Amnesty activists demonstrate at Zero Dark Thirty premiere

On Tuesday evening, January 8, Amnesty International activists gathered at the Washington, DC, gala premiere of the controversial movie Zero Dark Thirty at the Newseum. According to some commentators, the movie suggests that the use of "enhanced interrogation techniques" (i.e., torture) may have helped the CIA to locate Osama bin Laden, which resulted in his assassination. (Note: I have not yet seen the movie.)

The DC activists, dressed in orange prison-style jumpsuits, projected the message "Torture is wrong" and the Amnesty candle logo on the wall of the Newseum. They also handed out Amnesty's fact sheet on torture and Osama bin Laden.

See photos here.

Media reports on the protest:
Atlantic Wire
Hollywood Reporter

Great job, you guys!

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