30 April 2013

The NRA's gun safety hypocrisy

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has the nerve to claim that it advocates gun safety.

Sure, the organization offers firearm training and safety programs. But don't be fooled. That same organization has been fighting tooth and nail against any kind of gun regulation or registration - and doing so quite publicly lately. Despite occasional lip service regarding mental health checks, their ultimate mission appears to be unfettered access to firearms for everyone. And that would include terrorists and violators of human rights worldwide.

Yes, it looks like hypocrisy. But it's not surprising. After all, in recent years the NRA has become the lobbying arm of the gun manufacturing industry. According to an article by Frank Smyth in The Progressive, "Two gun-making firms' chief executive officers, Ronnie Barrett and Pete Brownell, sit on the NRA board. And it should be noted that NRA revenues from fundraising - including donations from gun manufacturers - have grown twice as fast as income from members' dues, according to Forbes. More than fifty firearms-related companies have given the NRA almost $15 million since 2005 - the same year that NRA lobbyists helped get a federal law passed that limits liability claims against gun makers."

Clearly, safety is not what the NRA is really all about anymore.

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