02 April 2013

UN approves global Arms Trade Treaty: Good news, bad news

The good news: Today, the United Nations General Assembly voted in favor of a first-ever global Arms Trade Treaty to regulate the international flow of weapons. 154 nations voted in favor, and 3 against (Iran, Syria, and North Korea), with 23 abstentions. The signatory process will begin on June 3, and the treaty will enter into force 90 days after the 50th nation ratifies it.

The United States bravely voted in favor of the treaty despite intense pressure from the National Rifle Association, which opposes it. Apparently the NRA would prefer that warlords and other human rights abusers be allowed unfettered access to all the deadly weapons they need to oppress the masses.

Now, the bad news: According to Reuters, the NRA "has vowed to fight to prevent its ratification by the U.S. Senate when it reaches Washington." The NRA is saying that the treaty "would undermine domestic gun-ownership rights" - which is not true.

So, when the time comes, will the Senate give in to the NRA, or will it stand strong for human rights?

Stay tuned, with fingers crossed in hopes for the latter.

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