07 August 2006

Religious oppression in Bush's "liberated" Afghanistan

In his 2003 State of the Union address, George W. Bush bragged that "[i]n Afghanistan, we helped to liberate an oppressed people."

Bush keeps bragging about how he is spreading freedom around the world.

But obviously his idea of "freedom" is a little bit different than mine.

Since Bush diverted his attention from Afghanistan (which did have al-Qaeda ties) in 2003 to focus instead on Iraq (which did not have al-Qaeda ties), the Taliban have regrouped and undone any progress we had made in Afghanistan.

And freedom is out the window, as non-Muslims are being kicked out of Afghanistan. Even ones who are there on relief missions. Even tourists. [Read story.]

Yeah, George, freedom is on the march, as you say. And it is marching right out of every country you try to "liberate".

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