13 August 2006

TSA overreacts and terrorizes the traveling public

First of all, I want to say that I applaud the British authorities who uncovered the latest terror plot.

That said, we've known for more than a decade that terrorists could use liquid bombs.

But they haven't done anything about that.

Instead, as usual, they take away some our of freedom and tell us that they are protecting our freedom.

To keep the American public confused and scared (and to focus our attention away from their own incompetence), they impose more ridiculous restrictions on airline passengers.

If you have dry eye syndrome, tough! You can't take your over-the-counter drops on that 8-hour flight. You'll just have to keep your eyes closed.

If you have a skin condition that requires frequent application of over-the-counter ointments or creams, you'll have to suffer.

And don't even think about bringing your Chapstick aboard to soothe your sore, cracked lips.

And pay no attention to the statistics proving that, even with terrorism, you're safer flying in an airplane (with your liquids and gels) than you are in a car.

Be afraid. Big Brother likes it that way.

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