09 September 2006

ABC's 9/11 mockudrama: It gets worse

It's bad enough that ABC is still planning to air The Path to 9/11, a misleading 9/11 work of partisan fiction posing as a documentary, this Sunday and Monday nights. Now I have learned that the Monday night episode will be interrupted at 9:00 pm for a speech by George W. Bush commemorating the fifth anniversary of 9/11.

Part 2 of the miniseries will begin at 8:00 eastern time on Monday night, pause at 9:00 for an 18-minute Bush speech, followed by the remainder of the movie.

This will give the sheep even more reason to believe that it's a true, patriotic documentary.

This isn't "free speech". This is our public airwaves being used for partisan propaganda -- conveniently timed with the mid-term elections only two months away.

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