03 September 2006

The new Johnny Walker: American al-Qaida mugs for the cameras (and offers further proof that racial profiling is a dangerous waste of time)

I've long preached that racial profiling is a waste of time and resources (in addition to being blatantly discriminatory).

John Walker Lindh, the California-raised "American Taliban" was the first to prove my point.

Then Richard Reid, the British shoe bomber of West Indian ancestry.

Then Jose Padilla, an Hispanic gang member and alleged "dirty bomber".

Now we have an American kid (called the "American al-Qaeda") showing up on our TV screens calling on all Americans to convert to Islam "before it's too late." [Read story.]

Bottom line: Bush's foreign policy is creating terrorists of all races.

Best for the officials to worry about what people are doing, not what they look like. And start addressing the true roots of terrorism.

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