20 September 2006

AP photographer held by U.S. without charges for 5 months (and counting)

... Anything to keep the truth from getting in the way of the spin.

Committing journalism appears to be a high crime under the Bush administration -- so much so that they've been holding an Associated Press photographer for five months now. They won't charge him with any crime, and he has no legal recourse. They just tell us that he was too close to insurgents. [Read story.]

Journalists are no longer supposed to practice real journalism -- which involves exploring and presenting ALL sides of a story. Now it's Bush's side only, lest you be aiding the enemy.

Kathleen Carroll, AP's executive editor, makes a good point in saying: "How can you know what a conflict is like if you're only with one side of the combatants? Journalism doesn't work if we don't report and photograph all sides."

The Bush administration would disagree. Their carefully spun reality is the only reality that the world should know about.

To Bush, the truth is too much of a threat.

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