21 April 2011

An Earth Week insult

I'm used to insults from right-wingers. But this one particularly angered me, given that it happened just a couple of days before Earth Day:

Yesterday I went to my local wine and spirits shop to pick up some vino. As always, I had a reusable canvas shopping bag with me.

After ringing up my wine, the middle-aged man at the checkout counter started putting the wine into a plastic bag. I stopped him and pointed out that I had brought my own bag.

Rather than just saying "OK" and putting the wine in my bag, like everyone else there has always done, this guy had to scowl and ask, "So are you one of them hippie tree-hugging freaks?"

And, sadly, it was clear that he was not joking.

I smiled and replied, "No, just a freak who cares about the planet."

Next time I'm near that shopping center, I think I'll go back to the store and have a talk with the manager.

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