14 April 2011

Pap time at Walgreens, ladies!

As Stephen Colbert recently reported (and righteously mocked), the zany crew at Fox & Friends recently informed us that we don't need Planned Parenthood, because women can get Pap smears and breast exams at Walgreens pharmacies!

I can't wait to see how they react when I walk into my local Walgreens and ask for a Pap smear.

I can see it now:

Young man at counter: How can I help you, Ma'am?

Me: I'm wondering if I need to make an appointment for one of your Pap smears, or whether you take walk-ins. And can I use my Blue Cross card for my Pap?

Young man at counter: We give flu shots, but not Pap smears. You'll have to call your doctor for that.

Me: Yes, you do give Pap smears. They said so on Fox News! May I speak with your manager?

I'm tempted to do it.

In fact, I'm thinking of how awesome it would be if thousands of women across the U.S. all did this in the next few days, just to make a statement.

If you've got the guts, let me know how it goes.

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