28 April 2011

Will birthers ever be satisfied?

Yesterday, the White House released the long-form version of Barack Obama's birth certificate.

Will this one be good enough for the "birthers" who rejected the short-form version that was released years ago?

For some, it probably won't be good enough. For them, I think nothing will be good enough.

Others are asking what took so long.

I just ask why it had to come to this.

The short form was proven valid long ago. And the short form happens to be accepted by the State Department.

If the short form wasn't enough, there were birth announcements in two separate Hawaiian newspapers to document the birth -- with that information having been fed to the papers by the health department, not any private conspirators who might have been thinking 40+ years ahead.

As a friend commented yesterday, he's still black. And so some will still grasp at anything they think could disqualify him from being their president.

Why can't they just get over it?

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