12 April 2011

On Equal Pay Day, ask your members of Congress to support the Paycheck Fairness Act

Women's rights have come a long way over the past century. We can vote. We've got effective contraception. More than half of us are in the labor market, with many of us the primary breadwinners in our households. But we've still got a long way to go to achieve true socioeconomic equality with our male counterparts.

Today, April 12, is Equal Pay Day 2011. This is the day on which the average woman's wages finally catch up with what the average man earned in 2010. This implies that we're worth less. And that's just bull!

What you can do:

Today, some members of Congress will reintroduce the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would make it more difficult for employers to get away with wage discrimination.

The Act passed the House during the last Congress and came just a few votes short of moving forward in the Senate. It's time to try again.

Click here to ask your members of Congress to co-sponsor the Paycheck Fairness Act.

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