12 November 2009

Lou Dobbs leaves CNN!

The pressure from the people has apparently worked. CNN's leadership has apparently grown a backbone. Last evening, CNN anchor Lou Dobbs announced on his show that it would be his "last broadcast on CNN." He is going to be taking his hate and his hot air elsewhere.

Dobbs has come under fire in recent months both for his persistent anti-immigrant vitriol and his support for the ridiculous "birther" conspiracy theories claiming that Obama is ineligible for the presidency because he was allegedly born in a foreign country.

Dobbs's brand of radical editorializing, which would seem right at home at Fox News, has no place on a network that calls itself "the most trusted name in news."

Kudos to CNN for shedding the cancer that was eating away at the network's image. The New York Times reports that CNN will announce his replacement today, which suggests to me that the choice has already been made. I hope they chose his replacement very carefully.


  1. Check this one out:

    US Deports Lou Dobbs

  2. Cute! Thanks for sharing it, liberata.