19 November 2009

Palin-Beck 2012? Or maybe Cheney-Palin?

Just when I thought U.S. presidential politics couldn't get any more bizarre than the inexplicable 2004 reelection of Bush & Cheney, this happens:

Right-wing publication NewsMax is floating the idea of a Sarah Palin - Glenn Beck ticket in 2012!


A part of me loves it, because it looks like an elephant-sized train wreck waiting to happen. And it would provide a virtually endless stream of material for my daily blog posts and weekly columns.

But then I think it through a bit further: What if they won?

As absurd as that might seem, again I remind you of November 2, 2004.

Just imagine what it might look like! Just imagine the consequences to this nation, its Constitution, and the world. A Palin-Beck White House would make the Bush-Cheney White House look almost moderate by comparison. It would clearly not be worth it.

The only thing potentially worse? Cheney for president in 2012 -- an idea that has actually been floated as well. With maybe Palin as his running mate.

And so I keep my fingers crossed in hopes that the Republican leadership and the American electorate really do have more sense than recent news stories might suggest.

If not, heaven help us.

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