28 November 2009

Photogenic felons get TV rewards

First it was the Balloon Boy's parents. They became famous as a result of their crimes.

Now it's the White House party crashers, who will appear on the Larry King Show on CNN on Monday night.

What does it say about our society when these people are glamorized and rewarded with TV fame, however short-lived?

And would either couple have gotten the same kind of attention if they hadn't been so physically attractive?


  1. When did we become such a nation of narcissists? When we're not out spending and consuming to gratify our materialistic instincts, we're watching the "beautiful people" on TV or else navel gazing and wishing we were the ones being gazed upon.

    The only cure is to get out of ourselves, to let our spirits walk abroad, as Jacob Marley said in A Christmas Carol, and to help those in need.

  2. My 19-yr-old son forgets that I follow his Twitter account. I do it mostly because he has a rock band, so it's an easy way to see what the band is up to. However, he sometimes tweets about things he's thinking about. Here's a tweet from last night:

    "watchin the news- Should the people who crashed the white house party be fined or jailed?? I think it's awesome, they should get a ribbon"

    ...awesome, huh?

    Well, I guess I should be grateful that he's watching the news:-)