02 November 2009

Vote tomorrow. Meantime, do your homework.

Tomorrow, November 3, is an off-year election day in the U.S., when Americans will elect some judges, school board members, mayors, and a handful of governors.

Many Americans skip the off-year elections, especially in states where no gubernatorial election is taking place. But I encourage all registered voters to go to the polls tomorrow. Staying engaged in the political process, even in these off years, is good for the community and good for its citizens. This is democracy at the most local level, and it's no less important than the big national elections.

But true democracy requires an informed citizenry. So, before you vote tomorrow, please spend some time learning about your choices in this year's elections. A good place to start is the Project Vote Smart website. At this nonpartisan online resource center, you can select your state and learn about state-level candidates and ballot measures. Here you can also find a directory of local election offices, which can then fill you in on your local-level candidates and ballot measures. It won't take long, and doing your pre-election homework is very empowering.

See you at the polls!

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