23 February 2010

1000th U.S. troop has died in Afghan war. Vigils are being organized.

We've reached a very sad milestone in the war in Afghanistan: 1,000 U.S. troops have now been killed in that conflict.

To mark this tragic occasion, the American Friends Service Committee is organizing vigils around the country. These vigils are intended to "bear witness to the human and economic cost of the Afghanistan war" and to call on the Obama administration for:

• No additional troops to Afghanistan
• Talks with all parties to the conflict
• Generous civilian-led development funds

>> Find a vigil in your area.

1 comment:

  1. Two vigils on Wednesday, February 24

    Time: 5-6 pm
    Place: intersection of Lancaster Ave and Bryn Mawr Ave by the Ludington Library (or by the bank if there is a big puddle in the road)
    Sponsor: Bryn Mawr Peace Coalition

    Time: 6-6:30pm (candlelight vigil)
    Place: Chester County Courthouse at High & Market Sts., West Chester
    Sponsor: Chester County Peace Movement