17 February 2010

The pope's sex-abuse hypocrisy shows itself again

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, Pope Benedict XVI called a meeting earlier this week with the bishops of the Irish Catholic church and "gave them a public dressing down" over the child sex abuse scandal in Ireland.

However, the newspaper goes on to note that "doubts remain about the church's openness after the papal envoy in Dublin declined to give evidence to a parliamentary inquiry there."

The latter point should not come as a surprise. After all, we learned a few years ago that this current pope, in his previous role as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, worked to obstruct inquiries into clergy sex abuse.

It appears as though the Church will make an effort to appear to do the right thing when these issues come to light. But, in the meantime, it will do what it can to protect its own public image.

That is neither holy or Christian. It is, in fact, criminal. Literally.

And children are the ones who suffer.

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