15 February 2010

Be thankful on Presidents' Day

Today, the third Monday in February, is the Presidents' Day holiday in the U.S. This holiday used to honor George Washington's birthday (February 22), but was later renamed and rescheduled to fall between Washington's birthday and Abraham Lincoln's (February 12).

On this Presidents' Day, let's spend some time contemplating our democracy and giving thanks to our Founding Fathers for this great American experiment. Even with its shortcomings (e.g., the appointment of George W. Bush to the presidency in 2000), our system seems far better than the monarchies and dictatorships that it was designed to replace.

And, on this Presidents' Day, let's be thankful that we have President Obama in the White House today rather than John McCain. While Obama has certainly not been the progressive leader many of us hoped we were voting for, the alternative would surely have been much, much worse.

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  1. Because we're surrounded by all kinds of wars,military,political, racial,cultural,economic -- and especially religious -- we somtimes lose sight of the positive achievements. Thanks for reminding us.