18 February 2010

Texas gives Skinner another month to live - and fight for his innocence

We got good news yesterday from Texas Death Row: Hank Skinner, who was scheduled to be executed next week, now has another month to fight to prove his innocence.

As I wrote last week, Skinner was scheduled to die by lethal injection on February 24. His new execution date is now March 24.

Skinner was convicted of three 1993 murders that he maintains he did not commit. To back up Skinner's claims of innocence, there appears to be DNA evidence that could exonerate him in this case. However, to date the state has refused to consider that evidence.

Skinner's lawyers will hopefully be working very hard over the next few weeks to do all they can to get that DNA tested.

And, if I were the Texas authorities, I would certainly want to be sure that I was executing the real murderer. Hopefully this time they will agree.

More information:

>> Hank Skinner's official website

>> Amnesty International's urgent action and background info on the case

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