24 February 2010

Tell Congress to condemn anti-gay legislation in Uganda

If you tune in regularly to The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC or other progressive media, you may have heard about the "kill the gays" bill that is working its way through the Ugandan Parliament. This legislation would introduce the death penalty as an option for people convicted of homosexual behavior. In addition, even non-gay individuals could face a three-year sentence for failing to report homosexuals to the authorities. Furthermore, the bill condemns HIV/AIDS education and prevention as "promotion of homosexuality".

As CNN reported last December, "Homosexuality is already illegal in Uganda under colonial-era laws. But the bill, introduced in October, is intended to put more teeth into prosecuting violators."

This is homophobia on steroids -- and it is very, very dangerous and very, very wrong.

While the U.S. government cannot actively interfere with the legislature of the sovereign nation of Uganda, it can officially condemn that pending legislation. To that end, resolutions are in the works on Capitol Hill in both the House and the Senate that condemn Uganda's prospective assault on human rights.

Click here to ask your Senators and Representative to co-sponsor these resolutions.

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