23 March 2011

Earth Hour this Saturday (March 26)!

I've participated in Earth Hour the past three years, and it felt good. Now I am looking forward to Earth Hour 2011, which will happen this Saturday, March 26.

On Saturday at 8:30 pm local time, individuals, businesses, and municipalities around the world will turn off their lights for one hour -- Earth Hour -- in a show of concern for climate change and commitment to finding solutions.

Earth Hour started in 2007, and has been growing larger year by year. According to the Earth Hour Website, "Earth Hour 2010 became the biggest Earth Hour ever. A record 128 countries and territories joined the global display of climate action. Iconic buildings and landmarks from Asia Pacific to Europe and Africa to the Americas switched off. People across the world from all walks of life turned off their lights and came together in celebration and contemplation of the one thing we all have in common – our planet."

Let's make Earth Hour 2010 even bigger.

To find out more, go to www.earthhour.org.

If enough people, businesses, and cities participate, imagine how dramatic it will look from space as darkness rolls through the earth's time zones one by one!

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