18 March 2011

Philly area teen bullied for being Muslim

We've been hearing a lot recently about what Madonna has dubbed the "bullying zeitgeist" in American schools these days. But, most of the time, the victims we hear about are gay.

Now it appears that the rampant Islamophobia we see amongst the Fox "News" crowd is also finding its way to the younger generation.

NBC's Philadelphia affiliate aired a story this week about a suburban eighth grader who has been enduring threats and bullying for being a Muslim. Schoolmates have been calling her a "terrorist", and one even tore off her veil in a bathroom and chopped off her hair.

I cannot believe that this kind of hate is solely the teenage bullies' own idea. They had to learn the Islamophobia from somewhere -- most likely at home.

I hope the bullies will be appropriately disciplined, and that their parents will learn a valuable lesson from it. But I'm not optimistic about the latter.

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