31 March 2011

Gays and grandmas - homophobia's double standard

I recently had a frustrating conversation with an opponent of same-sex marriage. To him (like many other homophobes) it was obvious that gay sex is wrong, because it cannot lead to procreation. God created sex, he believes, for purposes of procreation. Where that possibility does not exist, it cannot be right. It's obviously not part of God's holy plan.

I didn't bother asking him if that means he doesn't touch his wife when she's not ovulating.

And I didn't bring up the biblical passages that appear to condone sex among barren couples.

I did, however, ask him about his widowed grandmother. What if grandma met a nice man and they decided to marry? Since no children could result from such an elderly union, must they abstain from sex? Is elderly sex "wrong" like gay sex, because it, too, precludes the possibility of procreation?

"That's different," he replied.

But he couldn't explain how it is different. He just mumbled something about the "gay agenda".

And that mumble spoke loud volumes in ignorance, bigotry, and intolerance.

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